The Best Places in the World to Celebrate Christmas!

We bet the decorations in your city are magnificent and that your church is also putting up an amazing show unfolding the birth of baby Jesus. Since Christmas has become an international festival irrespective of location and religion, there are places around the world where the residents work for months together to put up not only a pomp-filled Christmas that is not only extremely photogenic but also highlight the spirt of Christmas for children and adults alike.

  • Bethlehem, West Bank

If you are willing to feel the real spirit of Christmas, then the birth place of Jesus is the right place. With just exchange of presents, family dinners and decorating the house, we mustn’t forget the forget the real meaning of Christmas. Your beliefs in the occasion will be restored when you visit the energetic Manger Square and witness an entire forest of Christmas trees. St. Catherine’s Church is the best place in the world to attend the midnight mass.

  • Santa Claus Village, Finland

With the deep wintertime snow as the perfect prop for innumerable Santa Clauses all around the city, it is never too much to take. The village enters the Arctic Circle and allows the guests to meet Santa Claus. The other attractions like restaurants and shops are all themed perfectly for Christmas, which is extremely photogenic and makes you feel like you are living in the North Pole.

  • New York City, USA

We all know how Christmas is like in the city of dreams, thanks to the numerous movies and countless New York-based TV shows. But, to see the world’s tallest Christmas tree about 70 to 100 feet tall decked with 30 thousand lights, 5 miles of wiring graced with a 550-pound star in real is one of the grandest feelings. The tree is not the only attraction at Rockefeller Centre as ice skating and ballet performance of “The Nutcracker” makes you feel like a child again.

  • Bondi Beach, Australia

If you have celebrated only North Hemispheric Christmas, which revolves around the theme of snow, Christmas sweaters, cosy socks, ultra-decorated houses, snowmen and snow-capped Christmas trees, then this is your chance to experience completely opposite of those traditions with sun, sand, surf and moderate decorations. Santa doesn’t fly the sledge here but rides it underground with kangaroos. Your dinner outfit is probably going to be swimsuit, sunhat and sunscreen. Celebrate along with the ‘Christmas Orphans’ as Bands and DJs rock the pavilion.

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