6 of the Must-Visit Places during Your Arabian Vacation

When we talk about the Middle East or specifically the Arabian countries, all that comes to our mind is the Sheiks eating some savories, the never-ending deserts, and the beautiful sand dunes in there, camels, cactus plants, warm weather by the day, and of course some pretty ladies performing the popular belly dance. Now just hold on to your imagination since we are about to unravel the must-visit places during your Arabian vacation.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh is considered to be the largest city in Saudi Arabia and is also the capital city of the country. It is well known for spectacular sights across the cities where the adventurers can experience fun-filled as well as thrilling activities to their fullest. The cosmopolitan city is all about shopping, culture, desert safaris, camping, camels, and a lot more. You can get to experience the real Arabian night here.

Dubai, UAE

One of the best destinations to enjoy a great vacation at a very affordable price, Dubai is considered to be a paradise for the tourists. Unlike the other Middle Eastern countries, you would find this place welcoming and you may dress up like you do back in your country. One of the major attractions of this place is it has some of the world’s tallest buildings. It is also a shopper’s paradise where prominent people haul over to shop to their fullest. The amazing vacation rentals accessible for the accommodation of travellers here are the right ones for them to experience the local life of Dubai.

Petra, Jordan

If you have an interest in exploring the ancient kingdom and want to get familiar with the culture of the Arabian countries, then you must visit Petra located in Jordan, which is filled with awe-inspiring prehistoric sites that were built ages ago. The city is adorned with red color and is believed to be carved out of the rock. This beautiful city is a part of UNESCO world heritage site. One must arrange a visit to this place along with their family.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is one of the popular destinations where the tourists come during their vacations. The city is well-known for the beautiful mosques and museum in and around the city. There are few flea markets where you can shop till you are tired and also bargain with the shopkeepers to get items at discounted rates. This Middle Eastern country is basically an amalgamation of Asian and European culture, which helps you to travel with ease no matter where you belong to.

Cairo, Egypt

Travel to this beautiful city to witness the beautiful pyramids where the pharaohs are buried within and iconic buildings of Sphinx from ancient times, but still have been maintained properly. The travelers who have a thirst for gaining knowledge can hop into this city and attain knowledge about various things that were practiced in the ancient times. Cairo is also famous for shopping, throwing parties, and cruise ships.

Manama, Bahrain

Bahrain is an incredible country in the Middle East area and its capital Manama is as beautiful as the country portrays it to be. You may visit this city for cultural exchange and learn more about the history and culture of the Arabian countries. It is considered to be filled with both ancient and modern architectural artwork, which attracts tourist to witness those destinations and capture moments at the very location.

If you are planning to visit some of the best Arabian places, these must be on your list for a memorable vacation.

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